Travel Tips and Edible Crack

In the morning hours of Monday, September 6, we made our way out of Woodinville with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” playing in the background. Soon I had convinced myself that we had forgotten something or left something on. Amy informed me that yes indeed I had left the coffee pot on, but as usual she had my back and turned it off. As far as forgetting something, in our rush we forgot to grab Ghostbusters II out of the Blu-Ray player, departing with an empty case and what will amount to an expensive tab of an 80’s sequel.

Essentials for a family of five for a year

Family before departure in Seattle (Left to Right: Tyler, Amy, Nick, & Alex

Our second surprise of the day came while going through security at Sea-Tac airport. Alex had used his backpack a couple of weeks ago to go on a backpacking trip with his grandfather. Unfortunately, he forgot to totally empty it before our trip.

Travel Tip #1

Don’t go through security with a sharp knife.

Fortunately for us we had an understanding security agent who walked Amy back around the checkpoint to mail the Leatherman back home.

Once in the air the worries seemed to melt away. The epic trip had begun. Amy and I were able to reflect on the prior day before and relive the warm and kind goodbyes we received. Even though we have an amazing adventure ahead of us, it is good to know what wonderful friends we have at home.

On our day at Disneyland/California Adventure we were up early, as usual (Hohu’s can vouch for this), to be the first ones in the park. A big thrill for the boys was being able to be the first riders of the day on Space Mountain. From there we got to ride all their favorites, California Screaming, Grizzly Rapids, Indiana Jones, Buzz LIghtyear and Tower of Terror. Now I am by no means a politically correct or uptight parent, but I have to call Disney out on something. When we rode the Pinocchio ride in Fantasyland, two-thirds of the way through the ride, they drop the word Jackass. Again, I am not the uptight nitpicker, but how in the world in this day and age can they have something like this in a Disney amusement park.

Boys on Main Street Disney

Happy and proud to be front row on CA Screamin

Word of the Day…Jackass. Thanks Walt.

There are three things that stick out to me as I wander the happiest place on earth. First is the amount of junk that one can purchase at an inflated price. Do we really need 25 varieties of Mickey Ears or a gift shop to go with every ride? However, I do like the Yoda and Chewbacca backpacks. I guess it’s the Star Wars nerd in me. Second, is the horrifying food. When did we start becoming like a Flintstone cartoon and carrying around giant turkey legs to munch on? However, there is one food that Amy and I love and that is kettle corn or what we like to refer to as edible crack. We had some warm, straight out of the popper. Let me tell you it was a religious experience.

Lastly, are the guys wearing character hats or the Disney outfits. It cracks me up to see some muscle bound tattooed dude with a Goofy hat with the floppy ears. If only his buddies could see him.

All in all it was a wonderful day with the family and a great way to start our trip. That night we were able to get off to Miami smoothly without any problems on the red-eye.

Next stop Miami Beach.



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