Happy Thanksgiving

After our exciting first night here in Caye Caulker we have had a great couple of days enjoying the sun and fantastic sea life.

Our first day of snorkeling we went to three spots. There was South Channel, Sting Ray Alley, and Coral Gardens. The guide we were with named Mario through food into the water and attracted a bunch of sting rays. All of us got a chance to swim with sting rays and pet them. Nick got a real kick out of it especially when one of them started to follow him.


Amy, Alex and Tyler snorkeling at Sting Ray Alley



We just got back from our second day of snorkeling and this was one of the best experiences I have had. We got to see a variety of different fish, corals, and wildlife. There were 5-6 foot Barracudas, Donkey Dung Sea Slugs (Yes they live up to their name), flamingo tongue, and poisonous sting rays. The highlight was being able to see Manatees in their natural habitat. We ended our day at a place called Goff Caye. It was a small beautiful white sand beached paradise. We ate our lunch and snorkeled with our guide Carlos, who has been running trips for 17 years. He was very knowledgeable and pointed out and named all the wildlife we saw.


Manatee saying hello



Tonight we are going to go celebrate Thanksgiving with the other travelers we have met along the way. One of the perks about traveling is meeting different people from around the world. Hearing stories and learning about other peoples lives definitely makes the world a smaller place.


To all our family and friends back home we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


-Owens Family 11/26/09


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