Eve of Belize

This is our first post for our new website 5discovertheworld. By the way, coming up with a name for our travel  blog was such an ordeal. I think Amy and I put as much thought into it as naming our kids. We are very excited to be able to share with everyone our experiences and adventures traveling with children around the world.

It is the night before our trip to Belize and I am taking a break from the kids for five minutes. They have the pre-trip craziness and I have been trying to tire them out all day. We have played basketball, swam, and ran a couple miles. Thing is, now dad is tired and the kids are still going strong. However tomorrow is going to come fast with our plane leaving Seatac at 6am. Yes you read that correct LEAVING at 6am, which means we will depart our house no later than 3:15am.We still haven’t finished packing yet and Amy is a ball of stress bouncing around the house.

The plan is to arrive in Belize City around 4pm and get our rental car. We’ll drive to the Belize Zoo and spend the night. We are going on a night tour of the zoo, which we are all looking forward to. I don’t think I have ever been to a zoo at night.

From there we are visiting Mayan ruins at Tikal, spelunking, river rafting, hiking, snorkeling, diving (crossing my fingers), fishing, and absorbing the people, places and things of Belize.

I have to plunge back into the chaos of my house. Wish me luck 🙂

Thank you for joining use on our journey to discover the world. Welcome to the lives of the Owens family.



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